Weapons of Mass Effect – Real Enemy Behind Curtain



The country may be bluffing about war, but it might be on a serious way to develop not only nuclear weapons but also weapons of mass effect – cyber terrorism. With all the articles and news reports flooding in about the North Korean military buildup and possible provocation, it is evident that the story is hot. However, it might be something else that we should keep out eyes on.

It is busy tech news days in South Korea regarding consecutive cyber attacks. While investigators have yet to pinpoint the culprit behind a synchronized cyber attacks in South Korea last week, the focus is fixed on North Korean trained team of computer-savvy “cyber warriors” as cyberspace now becomes a fertile battleground in the nations’ rivalry. Few weeks ago, malware shut down 32,000 computers and servers at three major South Korean TV networks and banks last Wednesday, disrupting communications and banking businesses. Today, the official website of the United States Forces Korea (USFK) was jammed and cannot get an access since 16 hours ago until this very moment.

Keeping in mind that Pyongyang has succeeded in launching a satellite into space aboard a long-range rocket from its own soil, and conducted its third nuclear test, it is not an exaggeration to say that “IT” has become a buzzword in North Korea. Expanding its warfare into cyberspace by developing computer codes is cheaper and faster for North Korea than building nuclear devices or other weapons of mass destructions. Even if North Korea turns out to be the attacker behind the multiple cyber attacks that took place in one or two weeks, there is no target for South Korean retaliation. In other words, they have “nothing to lose” in a cyber battle. 

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Healing & Moving On

Healing & Moving On

So much of all the stress and physical breakdown-

Oh nonononono.

Need to get back to my pace and try my best until the end of this quarter.
My 2nd quarter finishing line will be just fine. YES! ! ! ! !


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China Forum with David Shambough

China Forum with David Shambough

With newly released book, ‘China Goes Global’, professor David Shambough from George Washington University came to Josef Korbel School. Unlike all the other rosy prospects about the rising China as the world’s next superpower, this book provides refreshing perspectives about why China is yet to remain as a ‘partial power,’ due to many predicaments in its system. In his scrutiny into the totality of China’s activity and presence in the global order, Shambough raises fruitful points about what China should overcome for its next step to grow “better.” Few comments of his that lingers: “China is yet in the state of breadth not depth, presence not influence,” “True powers influence events.” Little chitchats with Xiaoyu and snacks from Jungsoon added a delightful taste!

So long and exhausting day- yet the day has not finished.

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Getting started: yay 2nd quarter!



So, this is how I start.

From dynamic metropolitan city Seoul, I landed on Denver international airport 4 months ago. Wow. Time flew. Back then, everything was new to me (still a lot of things in Denver are new to me), but it is evident that Denver is slowly growing on me. Of course, it was not like that from the beginning. I mean, this is my very very personal but trying to be informative and helpful for people wanting to know more about Denver and Josef Korbel School, so I will be moderately honest.

As a international student from Asia studying international security in Josef Korbel School, I love my school. It is easy for prospective students to feel that Denver is somewhere in the between or new, but actually, I realized that it is not only about the city but also about the people. Slightly White-oriented, but respectful of diversity, Denver is almost always sunny and cheerful city. In the heart of this city, Josef Korbel School welcomed me 4 months ago. Regardless of what the city and school offer you, I am slowly realizing that – it is not about what it has got, it is totally about what you make of what it has got. For me, Josef Korbel School grows every single day, embracing more international students, globalizing, and moving forward.

The reason why I start my blog at the beginning of my 2nd quarter?

Well, at least I am still a first year and fresh (hopefully)! Back from the winter break, everything seems to be in the right place. I truly and sincerely hope that my blogging keeps reminding me of how lucky I am to be out here, developing, inspired, and to my visitors learn more about how life in Denver just gets more exciting!

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